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The Challenge


Alumitech is a leader in design, manufacturer & Installation of bespoke architectural glazing systems. Their business is built on reputation and marketing as aspirational product. Alumitech lacked visual examples of its products being used for their digital channels. 

The Solution


Recognising the need to address this challenge, Alumitech engaged Panoptic as a marketing consultant. Together, we devised a comprehensive solution that would create a substantial bank of still and video content while maximising its impact across various digital channels:

– Customer Property Showcases: We initiated a series of visits to Alumitech’s customers’ properties to conduct showcase video and still photography shoots. These visits allowed us to capture Alumitech’s products and services in action.

– Strategic Guidance: Beyond content creation, we provided strategic guidance on how to best utilise these materials across social media channels and the company’s website. This included recommendations on content placement and engagement strategies.

By partnering with Panoptic as a marketing consultant, Alumitech successfully addressed their challenge of limited marketing materials and transformed it into an opportunity to convey their commitment to high-quality products and services through compelling visual content.

A man welding in a workshop, captured for brand marketing.
A large house with cladding on the 1st floor, set in a garden