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BMW Motorrad

The Challenge


BMW Motorrad faced a critical challenge in effectively communicating the comprehensive nature of their motorcycle services, which set them apart from both competitors and cheaper alternative garages.

The Solution


To address these challenges, Panoptic work with BMW’s Retail Experience Manager to devised a creative and engaging solution that would leave no doubt about the quality and comprehensiveness of BMW Motorrad’s offerings:

– Stunning Video Content: We created a visually captivating and informative video that showcased every aspect of BMW Motorrad’s service offerings, from the meticulous attention to detail to the use of genuine parts.

– Virtual Tour: Alongside the video, we developed an immersive virtual tour that allowed viewers to explore the BMW Motorrad service facility. This virtual experience put the viewer in the centre of the action, highlighting the advanced equipment and technology used in servicing BMW motorcycles.

– Detail-Oriented Approach: Our video content and virtual tour zoomed in on the intricate processes and steps involved in servicing a BMW motorcycle, leaving no doubt about the level of care and precision that goes into every service.

– Genuine Parts and Digital Solutions: We emphasized the use of genuine BMW parts and innovative digital solutions in the service process, underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology.

This comprehensive multimedia approach, created by Panoptic, effectively showcased BMW Motorrad’s service excellence, leaving potential customers with a clear understanding of the value they would receive. It not only set BMW Motorrad apart from the competition but also redefined how their motorcycle services were perceived in the market, ultimately driving more business and brand loyalty.