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The Challenge


Cladco Profiles is an industry leader with a decade of uninterrupted growth. Whilst the company had been thriving, it grappled with constraints in terms of time and resources. This hindered its ability to capture and highlight its products. We provided them with digital marketing solutions for their cladding, roofing and decking products.

The Solution


In response to this challenge, Cladco’s marketing team turned to Panoptic for a strategic approach to create an extensive resource bank filled with both still photography and video content. Here’s how we executed this solution:

– Direct Customer Interaction: We directly engaged with Cladco’s valued customers, delving into their projects to pinpoint the most compelling instances showcasing Cladco’s roofing, cladding, and decking products. This direct engagement was instrumental in identifying the most captivating narratives.

– On-Site Photography and Videography: We embarked on a series of on-site shoots, visiting the selected properties and builds to visually capture Cladco’s products in genuine, real-world scenarios. This encompassed documenting their roofing, cladding, and decking products being utilised in practical applications.

– Top-Tier Content Quality: Our team ensured that the content we produced reached the pinnacle of quality, effectively highlighting the excellence and adaptability of Cladco’s product range.

The outcome of this project has brought substantial benefits to Cladco. Through our collaboration, Panoptic successfully aided Cladco in surmounting their resource challenges, enabling them to construct an impressive repository of marketing materials. This not only illuminates their product line but also reinforces Cladco’s status as a trusted industry leader with a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation.

Since being initially instructed by Cladco, we have developed a huge range of still & video content including working with a high profile presenter to create a series of explainer videos.