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Clovelly Estate & The Red Lion Hotel


Clovelly, with its cobbled streets and timeless charm, presented the challenge of preserving its rich heritage in a digital landscape. The task was to create a website that not only celebrated the historical significance of Clovelly but also seamlessly integrated the offerings of The Red Lion Hotel, ensuring a cohesive online presence.

With a destination as unique and multifaceted as Clovelly, the challenge extended to enhancing visitor experience and accessibility, ensuring that users could easily navigate through the diverse offerings and historical insights.


Our team embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of Clovelly’s heritage, incorporating a design inspired by the destination’s historic character as well as curating media content that would further it’s visual appeal to new or returning visitors. This approach not only provided a visually appealing digital representation of the local area but also created a unified user experience by seamlessly integrating information about Clovelly and the Red Lion Hotel. The website now serves as a virtual gateway, inviting visitors to explore the historical charm and hospitality of this iconic destination.

We also implemented interactive features and intuitive navigation, to guide visitors through Clovelly’s historical landmarks and the offerings of the Red Lion Hotel. From a virtual tour of bedside harbour views, to easy booking options for accommodations, the website provides a seamless and engaging user experience. By leveraging modern technology, we enhanced accessibility and ensured that visitors could immerse themselves in the history and hospitality of Clovelly effortlessly.