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Clovelly Estate

The Challenge


One of the primary obstacles we faced when producing an ongoing collection of videos and photography to promote their quaint, coastal village, was preserving the authenticity and charm of the village while effectively showcasing its beauty and appeal to potential visitors. This presented a set of unique challenges that required strategic planning and creative problem-solving.

The first challenge emerged from the village’s historical significance and the need to balance modern marketing requirements with the preservation of its traditional aesthetics. Clovelly, known for its narrow cobbled streets and preserved architecture, posed limitations on the type and scale of equipment that could be used for filming and photography. Navigating through the village’s tight spaces without disrupting its natural flow and without compromising the privacy of its residents demanded careful coordination and consideration.

Additionally, weather conditions along the coastal village were unpredictable, presenting challenges in achieving consistent lighting and capturing the desired ambiance for the promotional content. As for huge parts of the day in the colder months, the village is plunged into darkness with the steep cliff faces obscuring a low-winter sun. The ever-changing coastal climate required flexibility in the production schedule and the need for contingency plans to ensure the success of the project.

A close up of three donkey's heads on the beach at Clovelly
Boats anchored up with the tide out. A hillside in the background.

The Solution


To overcome this, a comprehensive solution was devised that aimed to seamlessly blend modern promotional needs with the preservation of the village’s historical charm.

Firstly, meticulous pre-production planning was conducted. This involved thorough location scouts, collaborating closely with the village authorities, and developing a shooting schedule that minimised disruption to the daily life of the village. The use of compact and versatile equipment such as drones and ‘run-and-gun’ camera setups using gimbals and lightweight tripods, was prioritised to navigate the narrow streets without compromising the visual quality of the content.

Flexibility became the cornerstone of the production process. A dynamic shooting schedule allowed the team to adapt quickly to changing weather conditions, ensuring that the content captured the village in various lighting scenarios. This flexibility also allowed for spontaneous, authentic moments to be included, such as during many of Clovelly’s festivals when peak public attendance is reached, adding an extra layer of genuineness to the promotional material.

Partner this with effective communication with the client and local community which established a positive relationship and ensured minimal inconvenience to the project, meant that the initial challenges set were successfully addressed. The end result was a collection of videos, reels and photography that not only showcased the beauty of the coastal village but also respected its historical integrity and the well-being of its residents.