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Gone Wild Festival with Bear Grylls



As the UK’s fastest-growing family festival, Gone Wild Festival held immense potential. However, the post-COVID shows and events sector became a fiercely competitive arena, teeming with startups as people eagerly sought outdoor entertainment once again. It became imperative for Gone Wild Festival to have an outstanding website to maximise ticket sales and offer attendees comprehensive event information.



In January 2022, Panoptic assumed the responsibility of overseeing the entire marketing campaign and website design for Gone Wild Festival. Our mission: transform the festival into an irresistible magnet for ticket sales and create an awe-inspiring experience for all attendees. We began with a vision anchored in:

  • Visual Brilliance: We led with stunning visual content, harnessing the magic of past festivals to captivate potential attendees. In a crowded marketplace, people needed to see the wonder they could be part of.
  • Seamless Exploration: Recognising user behaviour patterns, we designed and built a website that seamlessly guides users through the festival’s core areas: Music, activities, speakers, accommodation, and VIP offerings. This approach maximises upsell opportunities and ensures users explore all facets of the festival.
  • Informed Decisions: We left no room for uncertainty in the decision-making process. Every potential question was addressed through comprehensive FAQs, essential information was highlighted, and all details were presented with utmost clarity. Our website design empowers potential attendees to make confident choices.
  • Streamlined Action: To simplify the purchasing experience, we continually analyse, test, and enhance the site’s conversion points. For the 2024 event, we introduced a bespoke sales funnel, allowing users to curate their festival experience, from accommodations to activities and VIP options. This innovation significantly boosted average basket values and overall sales revenue, instilling confidence and ease in every purchase.
  • We also implemented a versatile payment plan that spans the entire basket, further enhancing the buying process.
  • Ticketing: Panoptic have developed to offer an industry leading ticketing solution which has overcome a lot of previously met barriers via other providers. 

In essence, we’ve crafted the ultimate fusion of captivating content and seamless conversion for Gone Wild Festival. This website remains the linchpin of an exceptionally successful marketing campaign.

In summer 23′, Gone Wild announced that they would be hosting another ‘ultimate, family adventure’ elsewhere in the UK. The festival is due to take place on the east coast at Holkham Hall, Norfolk next year, as well as maintaining their original festival site at Powderham Castle, Exeter. We were delighted that our ticketing, marketing & creative successes had led the festival to be in this healthy situation. However, due to now having two events to manage, we had to reinvent the festival website so that it would best funnel waves of customer traffic through to their correct event location. We introduced a multi-site system that alleviates purchasing confusion by developing a user-friendly interface and an industry leading ticketing solution. This innovation in ticketing has simplified the purchasing experience, and we continue to analyse, test, and enhance the site’s conversion points, allowing the event to reach it’s full potential.

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