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Greene King


Greene King has an extensive network of breweries, pubs, and restaurants across the UK. Managing and presenting key establishments consistently across such a vast and diverse portfolio was a significant challenge. Greene King needed a unified approach for both internal and customer-facing purposes, spanning promotional initiatives, training programs, and commercial space planning.

The interior bar area of Greene King's The Griffin pub


To address this challenge, Greene King engaged Panoptic to create a cohesive solution that would serve various needs across their establishments:


– Comprehensive Virtual Tours: Panoptic set out to create virtual tours of Greene King’s properties located throughout the country. These immersive tours provided viewers with an interactive and in-depth look at each establishment using Matterport technology. 


– 360-Degree External Views: To enhance the virtual tour experience, we added external 360-degree views, allowing viewers to explore the property’s surroundings, making it a complete and realistic visual representation.


– Interactive Clickable Tags: Within the virtual tours, we embedded clickable tags that opened up additional content, such as videos and links to Greene King’s website pages. This interactive element enriched the viewer’s experience and provided access to supplementary information.


The outcome of this project has been highly advantageous for Greene King:


The virtual tours ensure that Greene King’s key establishments are presented uniformly, aligning with their branding and messaging across various purposes. These tours serve a multitude of functions, including promotional campaigns, employee training, and commercial planning, offering a versatile solution for the company’s diverse needs.


The success of this project has led to an ongoing partnership between Greene King and Panoptic for all their virtual tour requirements, underscoring the value and effectiveness of this approach.


By collaborating with Panoptic to create comprehensive virtual tours, Greene King has effectively addressed the challenge of presenting their key establishments in a consistent and engaging manner. This solution has not only met their immediate needs but also set the stage for continued success in various aspects of their business.