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Keypitts Off-Road Adventures



Keypitts Off-road Adventure Centre had long relied on a paper diary to manage their bookings, a cumbersome process that led to mounting frustration with their existing website provider. Recognizing the need for a transformation, the Keypitts team sought a change.

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As a trusted partner, we at Panoptic were chosen to spearhead the development of a cutting-edge customer-facing website, complete with an integrated booking system and robust backend management tools. Our collaboration with the Keypitts team commenced with an in-depth exploration of their entire business landscape, ensuring a comprehensive scope for this substantial project.

The result? A brand-new website solution, thoughtfully designed to captivate visitors and streamline the Keypitts experience. We curated a compelling repository of video and still content to showcase the adventure, effectively keeping users engaged.

With a diverse array of 15 core activities offered at the centre, each with unique timing and age group considerations, creating a user-friendly booking and management system was paramount for both customers and the Keypitts team.

Our website and booking system overhaul included:

  • Fresh product pages and comprehensive information.
  • The implementation of automated email notifications to ensure that customer waivers were promptly completed, substantially reducing risks compared to the antiquated paper-and-pen approach.
  • Enhanced upsell and cross-sell opportunities, thanks to a vastly improved flow and user experience throughout the site.
  • A wealth of content, enriching every page.
  • A brand-new “My Account” section, empowering bookers to customise their bookings and adjust timings as needed.
  • Seamlessly integrated calendar functionality, empowering the Keypitts team with efficient backend management capabilities.

It’s safe to say that this project has transformed the lives of the Keypitts team. The burdensome paper diary is now a relic of the past, and stress levels have significantly decreased, thanks to our tailor-made website, booking, and management system. We remain steadfast in our commitment to support the Keypitts team as their business continues to flourish. Together, we’re paving the way for an exciting future of adventure and exploration.

We continue to work with Keypitts on their wider marketing strategy & requirements, running hugely successful paid ad campaigns.  

A 4x4 heads up a steep hill in front and giving off a cloud of smoke
A red 4x4 heads away from the camera down a track
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An off road 4x4 coming uphill through a muddy puddle. Another vehicle is seen behind
A close up of a driver in a red 4x4
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An off road 4x4 vehicle going away from the camera up a steep hill
A boy on a quad goes through a big puddle in a gateway, two 4x4s are behind
An off-road vehicle coming down a steep slope at speed
A red 4x4 coming down a track with two wheels up on the grass verge
A man pulls an axe out of a target
Two green land rover models are being driven by children