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Little Houses Group: Jaego’s House


Jaego’s House, committed to providing “the perfect sanctuary for the whole family to enjoy,” faced a significant challenge in conveying this core message effectively to potential new members. As a members-only facility in central London, Jaego’s House offers a diverse range of amenities, from children’s soft play areas to fitness classes and a restaurant. However, capturing the full breadth, depth, and quality of this space proved to be a formidable task for their team.


To address this challenge and bring Jaego’s House to life for potential members and corporate clients, Panoptic implemented a solution that not only showcased the facility’s offerings but also minimally disrupted its operations:


– Immersive Virtual Tour: Our team visited Jaego’s House over a span of two days, carefully ensuring there was no disruption to the facility’s normal operations during opening hours. We meticulously captured the various aspects of the space, from the welcoming soft play areas for children to the dynamic fitness classes and the inviting restaurant.


– Stunning Marketing Asset: The result of our visit was a visually captivating and immersive virtual tour. This tour effectively conveys the diversity, quality, and welcoming atmosphere of Jaego’s House. It serves as a core marketing asset for attracting new members and corporate clients interested in hospitality and events.


The outcome of this project has proven highly beneficial for Jaego’s House:


– Effective Communication: The virtual tour provides a clear and comprehensive view of Jaego’s House, allowing potential members and corporate clients to fully understand the range of amenities and the inviting atmosphere.


– Marketing Versatility: This virtual tour serves as a versatile marketing tool, helping Jaego’s House attract new members and corporate clients for various purposes, from leisure activities to hosting events.


– Minimal Disruption: Our careful approach to capturing the facility ensured that Jaego’s House could maintain its normal operations without inconvenience to its members.


By partnering with Panoptic to create a stunning virtual tour, Jaego’s House has overcome the challenge of effectively communicating the essence of their space. This solution not only addresses their immediate marketing needs but also positions Jaego’s House as an inviting sanctuary for families and a versatile venue for corporate clients in central London.