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Goldcoast Oceanfest

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Oceanfest, the UK’s original and independently owned surf and music festival, had been a cherished dream for over 25 years. However, the three festival founders and directors realised the need for an infusion of innovative ideas, creativity and marketing support to keep the Oceanfest Festival alive and thriving.



Oceanfest needed a wave of fresh energy to revitalise their existing framework, we stepped in by bringing innovation and clarity to the marketing of this iconic South West event. Our partnership with Oceanfest’s team endures to this day, providing photography and video content that will last the entire off-season. With a deep respect for the festival’s rich heritage and commitment to its core values, the three founders and directors, Dan, Shaun, and Warren, entrusted us with the task of preserving their brand’s essence while elevating their marketing efforts.


We embarked on a journey to understand Oceanfest’s legacy. As enthusiastic water-babies & festival-goers ourselves, we were already half-way there in terms of understanding the festival’s surf, sports, cultural & music values and then crafted a strategic marketing approach that would amplify the brand and drive ticket sales. Armed with a clear strategy, we assumed responsibility for all marketing activities, with a keen focus on social media, website enhancement, email campaigns, and collaborative marketing endeavours. Since joining forces, we have revolutionised their sales patterns, increased average transaction values, and achieved record-breaking ticket sales.


One often underestimated facet of success is the significance of organic social media and community management. Oceanfest had traditionally concentrated their marketing efforts within a six-month sales window leading up to the event, leaving the rest of the year in relative darkness. In contrast, we introduced a year-round sales window, placing considerable emphasis on community management and organic social media. This strategic shift has been pivotal in building trust and loyalty among Oceanfest’s audience.


Our swift responses to direct messages and emails breathed new life into Oceanfest’s digital channels, directly impacting ticket sales. Consistently fresh, engaging, and relevant organic social content has kept the ever-expanding audience captivated. As content specialists, we are uniquely positioned to create captivating short videos, reels, and stunning visuals, adding to the event’s overall prestige. It’s an unwavering commitment to putting the customer first, enhancing the Oceanfest experience, and ensuring its enduring success.


We continue to work with Oceanfest as the marketing partner to this day, on a content creation, consultative & implementation basis. 

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The stage at Oceanfest 2023
A close-up of a wave breaking with a hillside in the background