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The Wave



The Wave, located on the outskirts of Bristol and representing a £20 million investment, has established itself as a state-of-the-art facility with a unique focus on “blue health.” This extraordinary space is dedicated to improving people’s mental and physical well-being. The site encompasses several key elements, including the awe-inspiring wave pool catering to surfers from around the world, a cafe/restaurant, a shop, and versatile event spaces. Additionally, The Wave offers various on-site accommodation options, each requiring effective marketing to potential customers. To address this diverse set of offerings, The Wave needed virtual tours to enhance their marketing efforts.

An aerial image of 'The Wave' surfing facility set in the countryside near Bristol
Two women sit at a picnic bench with a surf board in the background



To meet The Wave’s marketing needs and assist potential customers in understanding the breadth and appeal of their offerings, Panoptic executed a comprehensive solution:


– Accommodation Virtual Tours: Our team visited The Wave to capture various accommodation options, meticulously creating virtual tours. These tours were designed with embedded clickable tags, enhancing the viewer’s experience and providing additional information. 


– Customer-Facing Integration: The Wave seamlessly integrated these virtual tours into their customer-facing website. This strategic placement ensures that prospective guests have a clear understanding of what to expect when visiting and staying in the accommodation. Notable features, such as log burners and decking areas, were highlighted through the virtual tours.

The outcomes of this project have delivered significant benefits to The Wave:


– Enhanced Guest Expectations: The virtual tours provide a vivid and immersive preview of The Wave’s accommodations, enabling guests to set their expectations accurately.


– Showcasing Unique Selling Points (USPs): The virtual tours effectively highlight special features like log burners and outdoor decking areas, helping The Wave stand out in a competitive market.


– Continued Partnership: Beyond this project, Panoptic has continued to collaborate with The Wave on video, still photography, and virtual projects, demonstrating the value of an ongoing partnership.


Through our collaboration, Panoptic has supported The Wave in effectively marketing their diverse offerings. The virtual tours not only serve as a valuable tool for attracting guests but also contribute to The Wave’s mission of promoting “blue health” and well-being.