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Visit Devon

The Challenge


Visit Devon, a government-funded organisation, plays a crucial role in promoting tourism to the stunning county of Devon. The challenge they presented was clear:

– Tourism Promotion: Visit Devon needed to create a compelling and engaging series of videos to promote tourism in Devon effectively. The goal was to showcase the county’s diverse attractions and encourage visitors to explore this beautiful region.




A surfing instructor talks with a client on the beach



The Solution


Among the shortlisted agencies, Panoptic stood out with its innovative concept, “Faces of Devon,” which not only won the pitch but also secured an 8-month scope of work. Here’s how we addressed the challenge:

– Human-Centric Approach: Our concept, “Faces of Devon,” revolved around the people of Devon. We believed that showcasing the individuals from various sectors across the county would create a unique and personal connection with potential visitors.

– Diverse Representation: We took on the responsibility of selecting individuals from different tourism sectors, including hospitality, sports, coastal activities, and national parks. This approach ensured that our videos covered a broad spectrum of what Devon had to offer, from both a geographical & sector perspective.

– Storytelling Focus: We delved into the lives and stories of these remarkable individuals, capturing their experiences and passions. This human-centric storytelling allowed us to create compelling narratives that resonated with viewers.

– Visual Impact: All of these amazing stories were paired with stunning cutaway content to ensure the story was brought to life. In addition to the video content, we also captured a bank of still images along the way. These visuals served to complement the videos and could be used across various marketing channels.

“Faces of Devon” not only met but exceeded Visit Devon’s goal of promoting tourism in the county. It offered a fresh and engaging perspective on what makes Devon a must-visit destination, and the project’s success extended over the 8-month scope of work. Panoptic’s innovative approach to storytelling played a pivotal role in bringing the beauty and uniqueness of Devon to a wider audience.