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Building brand awareness and bookings

Our work as a hotel marketing agency has seen us link up with hotels around the UK to carry out a variety of services. We have created a vast range of content, built websites, supported marketing strategies, completed SEO projects, run social media campaigns and more.

The team at Panoptic have a well-rounded experience in providing marketing services to the hotel and hospitality industry. The industry is only getting more competitive. This makes it more important than ever to have a marketing team that produces results.

Creating awareness of your brand, driving traffic to your website, optimising it for booking conversions and building customer loyalty are all parts of the marketing life-cycle that we can help with.

We understand that a compelling brand is the heartbeat of every successful hotel. Your brand isn’t just a logo; it’s an experience, a promise, and a unique story waiting to be told. Let us guide you in unlocking the true essence of your hotel with our specialised brand focus services.


A hotel's wedding party room overlooking the sea, taken for hotel marketing purposes

Strong Brand, Strong business

From the architecture and interior design to the unparalleled service you provide, we’ll craft a tailored branding strategy that encapsulates the soul of your establishment. Your hotel has a story, and we’re here to help you tell it. A strong brand is consistent across all touchpoints. Our team ensures that your brand identity is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your hotel’s communication, be it the website, social media, or printed materials, fostering trust and recognition.

Your brand isn’t just what you say; it’s what others say about you. We’ll manage your online reputation. Through community management we will curate positive reviews and address concerns promptly. Building a stellar online reputation is crucial for reinforcing your brand’s trustworthiness.

Whether you’re targeting business travellers, families, or luxury seekers, we’ll tailor your marketing efforts to resonate with your ideal audience. Our targeted brand marketing strategies ensure that your message reaches those most likely to become loyal guests.

Content Creation

We create visually captivating content with high-quality images and video. This not only showcases your hotel’s facilities, rooms and unique features but builds trust through transparency with your audience. In this day and age, the average consumer can thoroughly research all options when booking a stay. By opening all doors to them in your marketing materials it gives potential customers the peace of mind that their stay is going to be everything they expect.

Our state-of-the-art virtual tours add another layer to this by giving potential guests the chance to explore and interact with rooms and facilities at your hotel. Having a virtual tour available on your website increases engagement with your site. An increased engagement rate is a positive metric for search engines which will benefit those all-important search rankings.

A coffee cup with hotel branding on a table in the foreground with lounge behind

Web Design and Development

Your most valuable asset in your hotel marketing arsenal is your website. It should be working for you around the clock. And not just keeping the lights on, it should be tirelessly driving business to your door. If not, you could benefit from our extensive experience in web design and search engine optimisation.

The websites that our team creates are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also offer a flawless customer experience. From well-structured sitemaps to bespoke booking systems, our team crafts intuitive hotel websites that bring customers smoothly through the sales funnel.

Our content team can provide our web designers with professional photography and video footage for the site. Alternatively, we can work with your existing media to create a fresh, functioning site.

We ensure that the website is optimised for various devices using responsive design. The designs always feature intuitive menus for easy navigation, custom booking systems that are integrated with your Property Management System and secure payment gateways. We can also supply multilingual support to cater for your international guests.

Close up of a bed and bedside table with lamp, taken for hotel marketing purposes

Drive direct bookings

With the rise of hotel comparison sites came commissions to put your business in front of potential guests online. You can take back control of your bookings with a well-designed digital marketing campaign.

A key feature of this search engine optimisiation (SEO). Optimising your website for targeted keywords and eliminating technical errors is key to your site ranking highly and being found by your target audience. Our team will provide you with SEO support that will drive traffic to your website and increase direct bookings.

A strong social presence is an important part of hotel marketing. Our social marketing team utilise social platforms to grow and connect with your audience. They can promote special offers, highlight amenities, encourage direct booking and engage with your audience through community management. This helps foster a sense of community and loyalty around your brand.

We can also help you supplement these organic online campaigns with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Our team can create and manage targeted campaigns aimed at specific goals such as driving direct bookings or promoting special offers. We create optimised landing pages for ads to enhance user experience and increase the likelihood of conversion. We can even set up remarketing campaigns to re-engage users who didn’t complete their booking the first time around.

Get in touch to discuss how are hotel marketing services could benefit your business.

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