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Ferrari Showreel

This short film combines the promotional videos of the highly regarded and recognised luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari. Both of which were a pleasure to film, so join us on a journey through time, speed, and luxury as we unveil our showreel that captures the essence of Ferrari’s iconic legacy.

Curated to celebrate the illustrious 70-year legacy of Ferrari, our lens focused on the spectacular celebration events hosted by Graypaul Ferrari Nottingham and Carrs Ferrari Exeter, two of Ferrari’s main showrooms in the United Kingdom.

The showreel not only highlights the sleek designs and roaring engines but also immerses you in the infectious energy of the celebration events. Both events were great days for everyone involved, but especially for us as we got to be at the centre of it all! Showcasing the events’ energy as well as increasing attraction for upcoming events in the future. With every frame presenting a celebration in motion, a testament to the speed, innovation, and luxury that define the Ferrari experience. Not just a collection of moments; but a tribute to Ferrari’s legacy, inviting you to witness the magic of 70 years in a symphony of speed and celebration.

With our team of fully licensed drone pilots, we have been able to capture the events from angles that would not have been possible otherwise. The level of expertise that our crew holds is what makes the production of such videos so successful and professional.

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