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Beachside Apartment 360 Virtual Viewing

The Chalet, Saunton Sands is a newly built luxury apartment being let out as holiday apartments. With its stunning location and views, the virtual tour is a great tool to show potential customers the apartment before booking. The amazing property needed an exciting way of showing off the spaced detail, something that still photography couldn’t do alone. We created thisĀ 360 virtual viewing to do the property justice.

With our 360 degree virtual tours we can showcase any environment with our state of the art technology. Using the scanning technology on the camera we can create accurate floor plans for a variety of needs, from construction to real estate as well as a 3D dollhouse view which allows viewers to seeĀ the entire property as a 3D model to grasp an overview of the shape and rooms.

By placing our camera at intervals throughout the location we can create internal walkthroughs that allows viewers to walk through a location, be it real estate, construction site, shop, bar or anywhere! This allows them to view every angle and room at their own pace on their computer, tablet or even phone from the luxury of their own home. Our walkthroughs are easily embeddable on websites, and provide a great deal of user interaction, with the average viewing time between 3-4 minutes, much longer than with photo or other content.