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Business Suite Virtual Tour

This hotel room virtual tour showcases a simple tour that can be used to promote a sample of your hotel rooms for prospective and potential guests. Created for Hatton Court which is part of the Hatton Collection situated in the Cotswolds. This virtual tour is a great marketing tool which showcases their business suite.

Potential customers can get a better understanding of what they are buying before they decide to commit and book a room. This is unrivalled and cannot be done with traditional video/photography. The tours like this business suite virtual tour allows for an engaging and rememberable experience, giving them the tools to choose the perfect room.

This is created with our new Matterport scanning technology which produces a photo-realistic immersive experience, allowing prospective guests and customers to visit and explore attractions online as if they had physically stepped foot inside the venue itself. We can also add key information points throughout your interactive capacity and measurement annotations to each room, and even host videos within your tour explaining key information or examples of previous events.

Contact us if you’d like a similar virtual tour for your business.