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Interactive Virtual Factory Tour

We were approached by Investacast Ltd. to create a large scale interactive virtual factory tour for their main production plant, in North Devon.

Investacast were interested in being able to show case their production line for intrigued viewers or even potential clients, whilst also keeping a record of the machinery present in the plant at the time of recording. The latter would allow them to cross-reference when installing new and improved machinery.

Additionally, health and safety was a key focus. Having a virtual tour of the whole plant allows potential clients or new staff to view the plant before they visit in person, thus having time to understand and respect the dangers and risks throughout the plant, or without even needing to visit the plant itself at all.

These three aims were aided with the addition of ‘mattertags’, which allowed us to ‘tag’ up various sections within the plant. A tag is essentially a physical link which people can interact with as they walk through a room. These link back to webpages, for example giving the viewer more information on the plant and its’ components, through the use of video, pictures and webpages etc.

We use the very latest in Matterport software to produce the smoothest and most seamless virtual tours on the market. Unlike video and 360° stitched photos, our Matterport virtual tours allow your customers to freely explore every room of a commercial space as if they were actually there.

Along with the fluid virtual walkthrough model, we can easily create photo realistic 3D dollshouse views and floor plans, which allows you to interact in a completely new, exciting and unrivalled format for your audience.

Online engagement could be the difference between you and your competitors. There is no better way to show off your product/business than through the use of a fully immersive virtual tour.

Save valuable staff time & only show around genuinely interested customers and clients.

Contact us if you’d like a similar virtual tour for your business.