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Our Story

Founded in 2016

Panoptic Group was founded in 2016 by director Carl Metcalfe, Carl’s passion for creating content using the latest drone & ground camera equipment quickly established Panoptic Group as the ‘go to’ business in Devon. Panoptic’s timing was on point, with both the property sector & domestic tourism booming throughout the South West. Our services were in high demand as estate agents, hospitality providers, property developers & the holiday home industry realised the potential of working with us. As Panoptic’s demand & customer base expanded so did the service offering.

As virtual tours technology such as Matterport created new & innovative content options, Carl’s passion & drive ensured Panoptic was permanently ahead of the curve. Upon securing some of the first Matterport cameras to come into the UK Panoptic scaled the business’ resources & became the UK’s leading virtual tour service provider. This is just one of many examples where Panoptic has forged the way within the creative content sector.

One of the Panoptic team and a client watch as a drone rises into the sky with trees in the background

Whilst the virtual arm of Panoptic Group rapidly grew in scale the passion for filming, photography & drone technology remained. The new virtual revenue stream for the business enabled frequent investment & constant improvement of camera & drone equipment. With technology moving so quickly, Panoptic knew that having the best equipment available was & still is a clear USP and is paramount for achieving the best results. 

Armed with the very best kit, an ever enhancing portfolio of content & outstanding team, Panoptic continued to be the go to content creation agency throughout Devon, broadening into leisure, hospitality, sports & manufacturing industries, amongst others. In 2018 Panoptic’s results lead the business to compete for & win projects for multiple nationally recognised companies. This momentum continued as word of mouth & recommendations from clients quickly built Panoptic’s impressive reputation & portfolio of clients, to where it is today.

One of the Panoptic team perched on a mound of earth filming an off-road vehicle going past

During the development of the virtual, drone & more traditional content creation sides of the business became increasingly frustrated with the end usage of the results Panoptic had created, especially when clients didn’t see the ROI they were initially seeking. In any other business, arguably this would have been viewed as “not our problem”, however… the ever persistent passion & drive for the best results led to the birth of the web & digital solutions arm of the business. 

This natural expansion of the business allowed us to offer services which spread further throughout the sales funnel. Arguably content creation normally sits at the awareness stage, anything past that point had been outside of Panoptic’s control. With the introduction of the web team we could assist clients in ensuring clearer ROI’s were achieved. This expansion led the group to designing, building & continuously developing & improving websites for clients all over the world in a wide range of sectors. 

One of the panoptic team carries a drone through a field with sheep in the background

Panoptic was quickly becoming a powerful in-house agency, now working across the majority of sectors on both its Panoptic Motion & Panoptic Web sides of the business. With a client portfolio that included brands such as Greene King, Barratt Homes, Mole Valley Farmers & Ferrari the business had achieved great things.

With increasing workload and opportunities, Panoptic saw merit in developing the marketing arm of the business, this role was arguably the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of covering all stages of the sales funnel. Continuing to build & develop relationships with clients, ensuring that consideration of marketing strategy has been taken into account no matter the size or scale of the project.

Looking down at two of the Panoptic team adjusting a camera lens

Panoptic’s constant challenge to clients is to define the objective. 

Whether it is an existing client with an existing objective, or a new client with a new objective, or any other combination… Panoptic has all of the tools & resources in place to meet & exceed that objective, sometimes even challenge too.

This solutions based approach to our projects has led us to winning the annual marketing campaign for Bear Grylls festival through building a membership system for the National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in England. 

We offer the ultimate digital marketing, web & content creation package.

A man is in the sea filming a surfer at close range

Our team

Our team is a collective group of innovative creatives, marketing maestros & super nerds. Our recruitment process is built around employing the most passionate & talented individuals, not the most qualified on paper nor most cost effective. 

Behind every successful project and every satisfied customer, there’s a team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly. At Panoptic, we’re more than just colleagues; we’re a family united by a shared vision and a commitment to excellence.

We are small but mighty, with a core team of 13 individuals we can achieve anything. We have the combined drive, passion & experience to make our solutions based mindset, an unstoppable force. 


Looking over the crowd towards the stage at Oceanfest where the Panoptic team are filming the artist.