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Seeing your campaigns fly and reach huge audiences is the stuff of dreams, however, it’s a poor marketeer that throws huge budgets at paid socials in the hope that something will stick. Paid ad campaigns have opened doors for new & existing brands with big budgets to break the transitional runs of the brand awareness ladder and slide straight to the top. With this new ‘money can buy’ approach there has become numbness to social media advertising, especially when refined segmentation & targeting have not been considered. 

Brand awareness may be more easily achievable but in turn its value in the marketing mix has lowered. Brand perception is now arguably more important for most brands. Building & shaping this perception is a true art mainly driven by creating a brand identity which can be shared via all marketing channels including paid social ads.

Ella Eyre performs on stage at Gone Wild festival

The world of paid social campaigns is a pretty cutthroat one, where money can be wasted quickly & easily. No matter the budget there are core considerations for any campaign:

  • Who is it targeting?
  • What are the metrics?
  • What does success look like?
  • Messaging & headline – Is it going to cut through?
  • Why should people care?
  • Content – Is it going to cut through the clutter?
  • CTA – What do you want people to do next?

Whether you are looking for advice on your existing campaigns or a complete takeover of all paid social media activity, as a paid social agency, we have the in-house skills & experience to drive maximum ROI on your ad spend budget. The majority of our clients operate on a long standing retainer basis, letting us take care of all aspects of the campaign whilst reporting success back to them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Through our knowledge & expertise in content creation, we are very well positioned to ensure that your ad campaigns work as hard as they can. This synergy serves our clients extremely well.