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Organic Socials & Community Management

Always on

As we all become increasingly reliant on social media for nearly everything in life, from research, to conversations & buying, it becomes increasingly important for companies to stay “live”. Social media is 24/7 365, it never sleeps. 

Many companies think of organic social media as ‘keeping the lights on’. Not us. 

Not sure about the company? Check out their socials…

People now rely on social media as a research tool for reviews, to see how active a company is, discover its tone of voice, what it stands for & to communicate directly with it. 

Organic social media used to sit firmly in the awareness stage of the sales funnel, relying on likes, comments & shares to boost reach to audiences. This has now been taken over by paid social media advertising. This in turn has moved organic social media to the interest stage of the sales funnel. This arguably makes organic social media even more important as the potential customer has sparked interest in your offering.

As a social media marketing agency, our in-house team works on behalf of many brands to ensure organic social media is working as hard as possible, this can be from optimising page setups through to ongoing posts, stories and even community management when required.

Community Management

Community management has a huge role to play in building brand perception, positive sentiment and converting leads into sales or even ambassadors for your business. Every conversation is an opportunity to ‘move’ someone. Building loyalty & trust through community engagement managers should be a key part of any marketing mix in today’s always on world. This is especially important at the action & decision stages of the sales funnel, where potential customers are looking for reassurance that they are in safe hands & can trust the business they are engaging with. A positive customer service experience throughout the sales funnel can create brand advocates creating a multiplier effect for sales. 

We view organic social media & community management as a fine art which is full of opportunity when well managed. Building positive sentiment and brand perception is key to the success of any marketing strategy.

When we commence any new organic social media & community management project, firstly we attune ourselves with the product & services offering, but more importantly the target audience. 

Social media has broken down the barriers of digital communications, there is huge potential benefit to any brand, we’d love to help you unlock this potential.